Before hypnotherapist Paul McKenna built his multi-million dollar self-help empire he was well known as a Comedy Stage Hypnotist with his own TV show, imaginatively titled  “The Hypnotic World of Paul McKenna”… but not many people will remember that before then he made a name for himself as a Radio DJ. Starting at the age of just 16 he presented shows on Radio Jackie, Radio Caroline, Chiltern Radio, Capital Radio, BBC Radio 1 and even TV channel Music Box.

And he is certainly not alone – many successful Stage Hypnotists “cut their teeth” as DJ’s, including Alan Bates and Chris Lee. In fact if you look at the careers of almost any hypnotist, the chances are that they have previously earned a wage from spinning discs.

The truth is – Good DJ’s make Great Hypnotists… and the reason behind this is, in my mind, quite obvious…

Dj-HypnotistWhen you compare the role of a DJ to a Hypnotist it becomes apparent that they are actually in remarkably similar jobs. Both are entertainers. Both require a certain level of personality to be good at what they do. And both are there to persuade you to do something that you might not do in public – in the case of a Night Club or Function /  Party DJ they need to get you up and dancing (and in the case of cheesey party DJ’s dancing in a particular way to a particular track – think “Oops Upside your Head” & “The Cha-Cha Slide” for instance)… whereas a Hypnotist in a Pub or Theatre has to get you up dancing to music, doing silly things, act like a chicken laying square eggs or believing you are the World’s Greatest Stripper!

In fact it could be argued that good DJ’s have hypnotised their audience just as much as a Hypnotist mesmerises his or her volunteers – they just haven’t used a formal hypnotic induction.

But it goes far deeper than this – to be a great Hypnotist, it is essential to have at least a passing knowledge of setting up sound equipment, lighting, use of a performance space, and using music and a microphone correctly. These are all skills that a good DJ has, and will certainly help in their journey to becoming a Great Stage Hypnotist.

Why would a DJ want to Learn Stage Hypnosis?

There are plenty of reason why a DJ would consider becoming a Stage Hypnotist – Perhaps they are finding that the market has become saturated with the sudden influx of Bedroom DJ’s – or that they fancy having another string to their flourishing career, or perhaps the idea of being able to run a more interactive experience with their audience… But usually it’s as much about the money as it is about anything else!

A Stage Hypnotist working for a 90 minute show in a local pub can earn more than three times that of a pub DJ working far more hours!

Now this isn’t in any suggesting that a DJ can suddenly start working as a Comedy Stage Hypnotist! Whilst the experience they have gained is a fantastic place to start their new career, there is still a lot to learn – how to induce a trance, structuring routines, health and safety, marketing, the laws surrounding hypnosis and much more. But much of this can be studied over the course of a weekend, and the rest can be learned at home.

On Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th September, World Famous Hypnotic Trainer Dr Jonathan Royle will be presenting a two day live training seminar in Manchester UK, teaching the closely guarded secrets of Stage Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. The course is designed for beginners and experts alike, and will cover almost everything you need to know to start working as a Comedy Stage Hypnotist. Yes – I said almost! Included with the price of the course is access to the Elite Hypnosis Training Area – an online school with over 400 hours of training videos, eBooks, products to sell after your shows and much more!

And whilst you may only be interested in Comedy Stage Hypnosis to begin with, you may find that the possibility of earning £250+ per hour as a Hypnotherapist during the daytime (when you are less likely to have a show), using the same skills to help people stop smoking, lose weight and conquer phobias, is quite appealing – and for that reason, we are including access to 9 Hypnotherapy Website Designs worth £600.

The course comes with a 365 day money back guarantee (see website for details) and much much more. – See Our Home Page for more Information!



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