A prominent UK Hypnotherapist has taken advantage of the Elite Hypnosis Websites Package offer by launching no less than 10 Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy Websites.smoking1

The Stop Smoking Specialist, will be rolling out the websites, designed by EHW, over the next few months after getting his bumper Marketing Pack when he attended Jonathan Royle’s recent Hypnosis Training Seminar in Rochdale, Greater Manchester (UK), last month (September 2016).

The member of The Association of Complete Mind Therapists (ACMT), who has asked not to be named for the time being, until his websites are all live, has been working as a Hypnotist and Life Coach for a number of years, and has helped thousands of smokers kick the habit. He plans to use the Website kit, which currently contains 9 different mobile friendly, therapy specific, WordPress Designs, to promote his business, including various clinics around the country, giving him better Google search results, and cornering the Smoking market in various locations in the UK.

Now, the UK average for a simple website being built appears to be around the £600 mark. Yes, there are free web design services, and even free website designs available, but how many were developed for hypnotists? Not many, if any. That means that the cost of having 10 websites built and hosted would cost at least £6,000 for just the first year. We’ve seen Hypnotherapists offering their services for just £60 (in fact I recently saw a hypnotherapist charge the pathetic fee of £30!), which would mean that some hypnotherapists (probably those who haven’t trained with Jonathan) would have to work with at least 100 clients before they even began to see a profit, or had money to pay bills, buy food etc – and that is assuming that they are not renting therapy rooms.

But if you could get your websites for “free” and you got the right hosting package, after learning the secrets of how to increase your fees dramatically over the weekend, you could be making money almost instantly!

We have worked out the maths… and his plan looks fantastic.

Cost of Ticket for Training Seminar – £397*
Cost of Websites Package – Free*
Cost of 10 Domains – £80*
Cost of Hosting with D9 Solutions – £100*

Total Cost – £677*


That is less than £70 per website for the first year – and only £18 per site each subsequent year!

Or, if you charge £250 per Stop Smoking client (as Dr Jonathan Royle advises at his hypnosis training weekends), that equates to just 3 clients in the first year, and not even one client every other year!

If you can’t get a minimum of 3 clients a year with such visibility on the internet, then there is something seriously wrong with your marketing skills! In fact, unless your content on the site has nothing to do with smoking cessation, it is virtually guaranteed that the combined training days and website kit offer will pay for itself!

But why would a successful hypnotherapist with a very long list of satisfied clients want to go back to the training room and study hypnosis? There are various reasons why he might! Perhaps he just wanted the EHW Pack (which usually retails alone at £600). Maybe he wanted access to the ‘Students’ Only’ Online Training Resources site, which now contains over 400 hours of video training for Hypnotherapists & Stage Hypnotists, along with information on product creation, marketing, business etc. But more than likely, he came along to brush up on the latest techniques, marketing ideas, theories, and just to socialise with other hypnotists over a great weekend!

Dr Jonathan Royle’s hypnosis training weekends aren’t like other courses. The content is carefully planned to give the maximum amount of quality information for both beginners and experts alike! And unlike some training courses, you won’t be left alone during the evenings to stare at the four walls of your hotel room. Both Jonathan & Myself will join you for a few drinks and a meal, and the education continues, although in less of a formal setting. We count the evening meet-ups as an integral part of the weekend. This is your opportunity to ask questions, share stories, or just enjoy the company of like minded therapists from around the world, and enjoy good food, beer and music!

So if you are a Hypnotherapist, or any other type of Complementary Therapist, Healer, Holistic Consultant etc, before you approach a web designer to build you a new website, clear your diary for Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd January 2017, and book your ticket for a weekend of high quality Hypnosis Training.


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