Dr Jonathan Royle and 100 hypnotherapy students

Dr Jonathan Royle and 100 hypnotherapy students

I have just returned from one of the UK’s most successful Hypnotherapy Training Events of 2017 – “The Royle Event” held in Birmingham on Saturday 14th October was sold out with 100 delegates attending from around the world to train with the legendary Dr Jonathan Royle. Organised and promoted by Hypnotherapist Steve Miller (host of TV’s “Fat Families”), over the day students were treated to an intensive and life changing discussion on hypnosis techniques, marketing tips for hypnotherapists and much more.

When Steve Miller first announced the event on his exclusive facebook group “A Lister Hypnotherapists” there was some concern by some of the members – after all, Dr Jonathan Royle is undoubtedly one of the most controversial figures in the industry. However, having trained with him and attended many of his events over the years, I can assure you that he is also one of the most knowledgeable, experienced and generous hypnosis trainers in the UK, if not the world.

Thankfully, Steve Miller was not put off by the rumblings of discontent by a small minority, and instead continued to promote what would be the hypnotherapy training event of the year. In fact it wasn’t long before there was lots of support and interest in the course, with many of Jonathan’s past students speaking up about what wonderful value his products are, and how he had helped them to change their lives and careers, so that in turn they could change the lives of so many of their clients. Very soon, those who were wary and sceptical of “The Bad Boy of Hypnosis” decided to put their preconceptions aside and to see what all the fuss was about. Within a matter of weeks Steve Miller and his team were looking for a new venue large enough to accommodate all the students, and all the places were filled. As the event drew closer, excitement began to build, and more and more gifts were added to the delegates’ packs – Additional Video Training, Marketing Tools, exclusive offers… even limited edition “Royle Event” Badges and pens! The total weight of everything given away to delegates was a massive 50kg – plus more in the form of emailed links to online material – and had a value of thousands of pounds per person!

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Unfortunately, due to a previous booking, I was unable to join the delegates on the Friday evening for the informal “Meet & Greet” at the Birmingham city centre hotel, however from the feedback, photos etc I have seen since, it was well received by all who attended. Unlike some hypnotherapy trainers, Jonathan Royle is extremely generous with his time, and does not feel the need to hide away in his hotel room when not on stage. In fact at every one of his events, he is famous for teaching, demonstrating and offering advice whilst socialising with delegates. Often there is as much taught and shared in the hotel bar before and after the course, as there is when he is presenting his content-rich seminars. This is often the opportunity to ask specific questions, and learn in a less formal, and more relaxed setting. It is also a great opportunity for delegates to socialise, network and learn from each other as well. If you do attend one of Jonathan Royle’s future training events, I highly recommend that you are available for the evening get-togethers.

Saturday Morning
Steve Miller, host of TV's "Fat Families" introducing Dr Jonathan Royle at The Royle Event

Steve Miller, host of TV’s “Fat Families” introducing Dr Jonathan Royle at The Royle Event

After a very early start in Rochdale, travelling to Birmingham, via Manchester, I arrived at the training room at about 9 am, with plenty of time to meet and chat with other delegates that were arriving from around the country – and indeed much further afield. The venue was very comfortable, and central – just a few minutes walk from Birmingham New Street train station and the event hotel. We were warmly greeted by Steve Miller and his team of colleagues, and had the opportunity for a bite to eat and a hot drink, before settling down ready for a day of learning about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. The range of students was vast – some were previous students of Jonathan Royle’s and already have succesful hypnotherapy practices, some had never trained with him before but had heard about his teaching methods and were obviously curious about what they could learn. There were delegates from Italy and Ireland. Four attendees had travelled from Greater Manchester, where Jonathan Royle is based for the event. And One or two delegates were just taking their first steps in their hypnotherapy careers.

Before long it was 10.30am, and time for the training to begin! As the organiser and promoter of the event, Steve began with a fantastic introduction detailing why he invited Jonathan to Birmingham. If you are a hypnotherapist and looking for business mentoring, I suggest you consider working with Steve and his team to improve your hypnotherapy business. Then it was time for “The Bad Boy of Hypnosis” – Dr Jonathan Royle! Given that some delegates were clearly still a little nervous about his reputation still, he had each and every person on his side within minutes of taking to the podium. There were plenty of laughs, people leaning forward in their seats eagerly taking in every word, and at times people stood up so they could see demonstrations of hypnotic inductions and therapy. By the lunchtime break, everyone seemed to be extremely excited about what was to come up in the next section.

Let me be completely clear about Jonathan’s teaching style – it is very unique! His brand of humour may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and he tends to use language that some might deem as offensive. However, it is all carefully planned to be as memorable and as educational as possible. If you want to spend money on a course where the tutor is quietly spoken, wishy-washy and probably spreads out the content so thin that there is very little value shared, I’m sure there are plenty of hypnotherapy trainers who fit the bill, and won’t be as controversial. But I guarantee you will learn far more and benefit from one of Dr Royle’s content-rich one or two day events than the week long courses offered by others, who seem to be scared of upsetting students by telling them that they are doing things wrong. It might not be the nicest thing to hear that you are the main cause of your business failing, or that you are as much to blame for your smoking cessation clients relapsing after a few days – but why else would you pay to learn from an expert if you are not going to hear the truth?

Over the course of the day, we were treated to business advice, hypnotic inductions, a list of no less than 33 films that are recommended for hypnotherapists to watch, 2 fantastic and successful therapy sessions with volunteers and so much more. In just one day, he packed in so much information, it was eye-opening, and I know from talking to various people in the audience afterwards that not only had he changed perspectives about hypnosis, but had motivated many to alter their business practices, and had changed the lives of several people in the room.

Robert Temple Comedy Hypnotist demonstrating his famous See-Saw Induction

Robert Temple Comedy Hypnotist demonstrating his famous See-Saw Induction

One of Jonathan’s past students, the very talented and successful Robert Temple was invited to demonstrate his rapid See Saw induction to the crowd. Robert has recently finished another great tour of the country with his acclaimed University Freshers’ Week show, and will be touring his extremely funny, adult only stage show next year. If you haven’t seen Robert perform, keep your eyes open for his show coming to a theatre near you very soon. I’ll certainly be booking tickets. He is without doubt one of the funniest comedy hypnotists in the world.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and soon the information packed, educational event was drawing to a close. But not before a standing ovation from every person in the audience. 100 fellow hypnotherapists, some of whom were obviously a little dubious of their teacher’s former reputation (possibly due to some of the many lies told on various internet platforms) showing their appreciation and support for what had been a fantastic day of learning and sharing. I doubt there are many who can claim such an accolade?

Although the day of formal learning was over, there was still plenty of time to ask questions, discuss the different concepts, ideas & theories that had been presented and continue the educational path, and the majority of students joined Jonathan and Steve at a city centre bar for an informal Q&A session, and a chat. From the numerous complements overheard and people asking for photographs with Jonathan Royle, it was obvious that his teaching was well received, and everyone enjoyed the day.

Having already attended several of Jonathan’s seminars in person, and having access to his highly acclaimed Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp online study course, I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed the one day event, and after I thought I had learned everything he had to share, I still left the course with plenty of new, great information and knowledge about hypnotherapy that made the journey more than worthwhile. I would like to thank Jonathan Royle for a fantastic and educational day, and congratulate Steve Miller and his team for putting on such an amazing, well organised event.

If you missed out on “The Royle Event” you only have one last chance to attend his course in 2017!

Dr Jonathan Royle will be teaching his 2 day hypnotherapy seminar on Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th November 2017 in Greater Manchester. If you would like to attend and learn from one of the masters of Hypnotherapy and Stage Hypnosis, I have just a small number of tickets available at the earlybird rate. Every attendee booking through the link below will receive:

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Before you book, look at what some of the delegates at his recent “Royle Event” had to say about his training…

A truly inspirational Royle Event. I have never been witness to such raving reviews after an event that I have hosted. (Dr Jonathan Royle) certainly inspired, motivated and skilled up the audience in so many ways. I said all along this would be #SubstanceNotSamey – I was right.

– Steve Miller, Hypnotherapist, Hypnotherapy Business Coach & Host of TV’s Fat Families

Lovely Meeting Jonathan Royle in person. A true professional and genuinely lovely person.

– The English Sisters, Hypnotherapists in Italy

An event second to none, and I’ve been to dozens

– Bryan Davis, Hypnotherapist

I am amazed at the positive feedback from all the delegates. There is no doubt of Alex’s professional skills but what was evident too were his teaching skills. I am positive everyone learned so much from this event.

– Christine Drane

I found Alex William Smith’s authenticity, wit and wisdom very refreshing. Also most generous in sharing valuable resources. Very glad I decided to go for it!

– Karen Mistlin

A fantastic day, well organised and so packed with humour and knowledge. I doubt anyone there didn’t leave with something new, being a new reality, knowledge or new friends.
Hope these guys put on another event some day soon.

– Bob Burness

Fabulous day, really enjoyed making new friends and listening to Jonathan. Really came across as a great bloke, refreshingly honest and open. Thanks Steve for giving us the opportunity to listen to his experiences.

– Vicky Tunaley

Thanks Steve and Jonathan. The most fun, honest and inspiring training I’ve attended. If you do it again and build in some of the time for social stuff I’ll be there! I don’t know how you did it but you attracted the nicest, most open minded and talented group of hypnotists and mind warriors I’ve had the pleasure to spend time with. Brilliant!

– Richard Haggerty


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More photos from the Royle Event 2017:

Learning the secrets of hypnotic inductions

Learning the secrets of hypnotic inductions

Demonstration of Stage Hypnosis & Hypnotic Inductions

Demonstration of Stage Hypnosis & Hypnotic Inductions

Dr Jonathan Royle & some of his hypnotherapy students

Dr Jonathan Royle & some of his hypnotherapy students

The Famous English Sisters and Jonathan Royle

The Famous English Sisters and Jonathan Royle

Hypnotherapists with their hands locked

100 hypnotherapists hypnotised?

Some of the delegates at the informal Q&A hypnosis Training Discussion

Some of the delegates at the informal Q&A hypnosis Training Discussion

Laughing during a hypnosis training event

A hypnotherapy training event full of laughter and education – surely not!

Body Language Expert Robert Phipps, Stage Hypnotist Robert Temple, and Fatnosis Coach Wayne Dharana

Body Language Expert Robert Phipps, Stage Hypnotist Robert Temple, and Fatnosis Coach Wayne Dharana

Steve Miller - Organiser of The Royle Event 2017

The lovely Steve Miller – Organiser of The Royle Event 2017