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Dr Jonathan Royle and 100 hypnotherapy students

Dr Jonathan Royle and 100 hypnotherapy students

I have just returned from one of the UK’s most successful Hypnotherapy Training Events of 2017 – “The Royle Event” held in Birmingham on Saturday 14th October was sold out with 100 delegates attending from around the world to train with the legendary Dr Jonathan Royle. Organised and promoted by Hypnotherapist Steve Miller (host of TV’s “Fat Families”), over the day students were treated to an intensive and life changing discussion on hypnosis techniques, marketing tips for hypnotherapists and much more.

When Steve Miller first announced the event on his exclusive facebook group “A Lister Hypnotherapists” there was some concern by some of the members – after all, Dr Jonathan Royle is undoubtedly one of the most controversial figures in the industry. However, having trained with him and attended many of his events over the years, I can assure you that he is also one of the most knowledgeable, experienced and generous hypnosis trainers in the UK, if not the world.

Thankfully, Steve Miller was not put off by the rumblings of discontent by a small minority, and instead continued to promote what would be the hypnotherapy training event of the year. In fact it wasn’t long before there was lots of support and interest in the course, with many of Jonathan’s past students speaking up about what wonderful value his products are, and how he had helped them to change their lives and careers, so that in turn they could change the lives of so many of their clients. Very soon, those who were wary and sceptical of “The Bad Boy of Hypnosis” decided to put their preconceptions aside and to see what all the fuss was about. Within a matter of weeks Steve Miller and his team were looking for a new venue large enough to accommodate all the students, and all the places were filled. As the event drew closer, excitement began to build, and more and more gifts were added to the delegates’ packs – Additional Video Training, Marketing Tools, exclusive offers… even limited edition “Royle Event” Badges and pens! The total weight of everything given away to delegates was a massive 50kg – plus more in the form of emailed links to online material – and had a value of thousands of pounds per person!

If you missed out on this amazing event and want to know more keep reading for an exclusive offer!

Unfortunately, due to a previous booking, I was unable to join the delegates on the Friday evening for the informal “Meet & Greet” at the Birmingham city centre hotel, however from the feedback, photos etc I have seen since, it was well received by all who attended. Unlike some hypnotherapy trainers, Jonathan Royle is extremely generous with his time, and does not feel the need to hide away in his hotel room when not on stage. In fact at every one of his events, he is famous for teaching, demonstrating and offering advice whilst socialising with delegates. Often there is as much taught and shared in the hotel bar before and after the course, as there is when he is presenting his content-rich seminars. This is often the opportunity to ask specific questions, and learn in a less formal, and more relaxed setting. It is also a great opportunity for delegates to socialise, network and learn from each other as well. If you do attend one of Jonathan Royle’s future training events, I highly recommend that you are available for the evening get-togethers.

Saturday Morning
Steve Miller, host of TV's "Fat Families" introducing Dr Jonathan Royle at The Royle Event

Steve Miller, host of TV’s “Fat Families” introducing Dr Jonathan Royle at The Royle Event

After a very early start in Rochdale, travelling to Birmingham, via Manchester, I arrived at the training room at about 9 am, with plenty of time to meet and chat with other delegates that were arriving from around the country – and indeed much further afield. The venue was very comfortable, and central – just a few minutes walk from Birmingham New Street train station and the event hotel. We were warmly greeted by Steve Miller and his team of colleagues, and had the opportunity for a bite to eat and a hot drink, before settling down ready for a day of learning about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. The range of students was vast – some were previous students of Jonathan Royle’s and already have succesful hypnotherapy practices, some had never trained with him before but had heard about his teaching methods and were obviously curious about what they could learn. There were delegates from Italy and Ireland. Four attendees had travelled from Greater Manchester, where Jonathan Royle is based for the event. And One or two delegates were just taking their first steps in their hypnotherapy careers.

Before long it was 10.30am, and time for the training to begin! As the organiser and promoter of the event, Steve began with a fantastic introduction detailing why he invited Jonathan to Birmingham. If you are a hypnotherapist and looking for business mentoring, I suggest you consider working with Steve and his team to improve your hypnotherapy business. Then it was time for “The Bad Boy of Hypnosis” – Dr Jonathan Royle! Given that some delegates were clearly still a little nervous about his reputation still, he had each and every person on his side within minutes of taking to the podium. There were plenty of laughs, people leaning forward in their seats eagerly taking in every word, and at times people stood up so they could see demonstrations of hypnotic inductions and therapy. By the lunchtime break, everyone seemed to be extremely excited about what was to come up in the next section.

Let me be completely clear about Jonathan’s teaching style – it is very unique! His brand of humour may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and he tends to use language that some might deem as offensive. However, it is all carefully planned to be as memorable and as educational as possible. If you want to spend money on a course where the tutor is quietly spoken, wishy-washy and probably spreads out the content so thin that there is very little value shared, I’m sure there are plenty of hypnotherapy trainers who fit the bill, and won’t be as controversial. But I guarantee you will learn far more and benefit from one of Dr Royle’s content-rich one or two day events than the week long courses offered by others, who seem to be scared of upsetting students by telling them that they are doing things wrong. It might not be the nicest thing to hear that you are the main cause of your business failing, or that you are as much to blame for your smoking cessation clients relapsing after a few days – but why else would you pay to learn from an expert if you are not going to hear the truth?

Over the course of the day, we were treated to business advice, hypnotic inductions, a list of no less than 33 films that are recommended for hypnotherapists to watch, 2 fantastic and successful therapy sessions with volunteers and so much more. In just one day, he packed in so much information, it was eye-opening, and I know from talking to various people in the audience afterwards that not only had he changed perspectives about hypnosis, but had motivated many to alter their business practices, and had changed the lives of several people in the room.

Robert Temple Comedy Hypnotist demonstrating his famous See-Saw Induction

Robert Temple Comedy Hypnotist demonstrating his famous See-Saw Induction

One of Jonathan’s past students, the very talented and successful Robert Temple was invited to demonstrate his rapid See Saw induction to the crowd. Robert has recently finished another great tour of the country with his acclaimed University Freshers’ Week show, and will be touring his extremely funny, adult only stage show next year. If you haven’t seen Robert perform, keep your eyes open for his show coming to a theatre near you very soon. I’ll certainly be booking tickets. He is without doubt one of the funniest comedy hypnotists in the world.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and soon the information packed, educational event was drawing to a close. But not before a standing ovation from every person in the audience. 100 fellow hypnotherapists, some of whom were obviously a little dubious of their teacher’s former reputation (possibly due to some of the many lies told on various internet platforms) showing their appreciation and support for what had been a fantastic day of learning and sharing. I doubt there are many who can claim such an accolade?

Although the day of formal learning was over, there was still plenty of time to ask questions, discuss the different concepts, ideas & theories that had been presented and continue the educational path, and the majority of students joined Jonathan and Steve at a city centre bar for an informal Q&A session, and a chat. From the numerous complements overheard and people asking for photographs with Jonathan Royle, it was obvious that his teaching was well received, and everyone enjoyed the day.

Having already attended several of Jonathan’s seminars in person, and having access to his highly acclaimed Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp online study course, I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed the one day event, and after I thought I had learned everything he had to share, I still left the course with plenty of new, great information and knowledge about hypnotherapy that made the journey more than worthwhile. I would like to thank Jonathan Royle for a fantastic and educational day, and congratulate Steve Miller and his team for putting on such an amazing, well organised event.

If you missed out on “The Royle Event” you only have one last chance to attend his course in 2017!

Dr Jonathan Royle will be teaching his 2 day hypnotherapy seminar on Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th November 2017 in Greater Manchester. If you would like to attend and learn from one of the masters of Hypnotherapy and Stage Hypnosis, I have just a small number of tickets available at the earlybird rate. Every attendee booking through the link below will receive:

  • A ticket to the live 2 day training seminar in Greater Manchester.
  • Online Access to the Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp study area with over 300 hours of hypnosis video training, hypnotherapy books, etc.
  • The Elite Hypnosis Website Kit for Hypnotherapists (worth £600) containing a website marketing plan to increase your online presence with 9 custom designed hypnotherapy websites, many in niche areas including weight loss, smoking cessation and hypno-birthing. This free kit is exclusive to those booking using the link below.

Before you book, look at what some of the delegates at his recent “Royle Event” had to say about his training…

A truly inspirational Royle Event. I have never been witness to such raving reviews after an event that I have hosted. (Dr Jonathan Royle) certainly inspired, motivated and skilled up the audience in so many ways. I said all along this would be #SubstanceNotSamey – I was right.

– Steve Miller, Hypnotherapist, Hypnotherapy Business Coach & Host of TV’s Fat Families

Lovely Meeting Jonathan Royle in person. A true professional and genuinely lovely person.

– The English Sisters, Hypnotherapists in Italy

An event second to none, and I’ve been to dozens

– Bryan Davis, Hypnotherapist

I am amazed at the positive feedback from all the delegates. There is no doubt of Alex’s professional skills but what was evident too were his teaching skills. I am positive everyone learned so much from this event.

– Christine Drane

I found Alex William Smith’s authenticity, wit and wisdom very refreshing. Also most generous in sharing valuable resources. Very glad I decided to go for it!

– Karen Mistlin

A fantastic day, well organised and so packed with humour and knowledge. I doubt anyone there didn’t leave with something new, being a new reality, knowledge or new friends.
Hope these guys put on another event some day soon.

– Bob Burness

Fabulous day, really enjoyed making new friends and listening to Jonathan. Really came across as a great bloke, refreshingly honest and open. Thanks Steve for giving us the opportunity to listen to his experiences.

– Vicky Tunaley

Thanks Steve and Jonathan. The most fun, honest and inspiring training I’ve attended. If you do it again and build in some of the time for social stuff I’ll be there! I don’t know how you did it but you attracted the nicest, most open minded and talented group of hypnotists and mind warriors I’ve had the pleasure to spend time with. Brilliant!

– Richard Haggerty


Don’t you owe it to yourself, your hypnotherpy business, and most importantly – your clients to learn from one of the experts in hypnotherapy?



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More photos from the Royle Event 2017:

Learning the secrets of hypnotic inductions

Learning the secrets of hypnotic inductions

Demonstration of Stage Hypnosis & Hypnotic Inductions

Demonstration of Stage Hypnosis & Hypnotic Inductions

Dr Jonathan Royle & some of his hypnotherapy students

Dr Jonathan Royle & some of his hypnotherapy students

The Famous English Sisters and Jonathan Royle

The Famous English Sisters and Jonathan Royle

Hypnotherapists with their hands locked

100 hypnotherapists hypnotised?

Some of the delegates at the informal Q&A hypnosis Training Discussion

Some of the delegates at the informal Q&A hypnosis Training Discussion

Laughing during a hypnosis training event

A hypnotherapy training event full of laughter and education – surely not!

Body Language Expert Robert Phipps, Stage Hypnotist Robert Temple, and Fatnosis Coach Wayne Dharana

Body Language Expert Robert Phipps, Stage Hypnotist Robert Temple, and Fatnosis Coach Wayne Dharana

Steve Miller - Organiser of The Royle Event 2017

The lovely Steve Miller – Organiser of The Royle Event 2017

A prominent UK Hypnotherapist has taken advantage of the Elite Hypnosis Websites Package offer by launching no less than 10 Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy Websites.smoking1

The Stop Smoking Specialist, will be rolling out the websites, designed by EHW, over the next few months after getting his bumper Marketing Pack when he attended Jonathan Royle’s recent Hypnosis Training Seminar in Rochdale, Greater Manchester (UK), last month (September 2016).

The member of The Association of Complete Mind Therapists (ACMT), who has asked not to be named for the time being, until his websites are all live, has been working as a Hypnotist and Life Coach for a number of years, and has helped thousands of smokers kick the habit. He plans to use the Website kit, which currently contains 9 different mobile friendly, therapy specific, WordPress Designs, to promote his business, including various clinics around the country, giving him better Google search results, and cornering the Smoking market in various locations in the UK.

Now, the UK average for a simple website being built appears to be around the £600 mark. Yes, there are free web design services, and even free website designs available, but how many were developed for hypnotists? Not many, if any. That means that the cost of having 10 websites built and hosted would cost at least £6,000 for just the first year. We’ve seen Hypnotherapists offering their services for just £60 (in fact I recently saw a hypnotherapist charge the pathetic fee of £30!), which would mean that some hypnotherapists (probably those who haven’t trained with Jonathan) would have to work with at least 100 clients before they even began to see a profit, or had money to pay bills, buy food etc – and that is assuming that they are not renting therapy rooms.

But if you could get your websites for “free” and you got the right hosting package, after learning the secrets of how to increase your fees dramatically over the weekend, you could be making money almost instantly!

We have worked out the maths… and his plan looks fantastic.

Cost of Ticket for Training Seminar – £397*
Cost of Websites Package – Free*
Cost of 10 Domains – £80*
Cost of Hosting with D9 Solutions – £100*

Total Cost – £677*


That is less than £70 per website for the first year – and only £18 per site each subsequent year!

Or, if you charge £250 per Stop Smoking client (as Dr Jonathan Royle advises at his hypnosis training weekends), that equates to just 3 clients in the first year, and not even one client every other year!

If you can’t get a minimum of 3 clients a year with such visibility on the internet, then there is something seriously wrong with your marketing skills! In fact, unless your content on the site has nothing to do with smoking cessation, it is virtually guaranteed that the combined training days and website kit offer will pay for itself!

But why would a successful hypnotherapist with a very long list of satisfied clients want to go back to the training room and study hypnosis? There are various reasons why he might! Perhaps he just wanted the EHW Pack (which usually retails alone at £600). Maybe he wanted access to the ‘Students’ Only’ Online Training Resources site, which now contains over 400 hours of video training for Hypnotherapists & Stage Hypnotists, along with information on product creation, marketing, business etc. But more than likely, he came along to brush up on the latest techniques, marketing ideas, theories, and just to socialise with other hypnotists over a great weekend!

Dr Jonathan Royle’s hypnosis training weekends aren’t like other courses. The content is carefully planned to give the maximum amount of quality information for both beginners and experts alike! And unlike some training courses, you won’t be left alone during the evenings to stare at the four walls of your hotel room. Both Jonathan & Myself will join you for a few drinks and a meal, and the education continues, although in less of a formal setting. We count the evening meet-ups as an integral part of the weekend. This is your opportunity to ask questions, share stories, or just enjoy the company of like minded therapists from around the world, and enjoy good food, beer and music!

So if you are a Hypnotherapist, or any other type of Complementary Therapist, Healer, Holistic Consultant etc, before you approach a web designer to build you a new website, clear your diary for Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd January 2017, and book your ticket for a weekend of high quality Hypnosis Training.


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*All prices in our control are correct at time of publishing. Other prices are approximate and may be subject to currency conversion rates and / or Taxes.

Before hypnotherapist Paul McKenna built his multi-million dollar self-help empire he was well known as a Comedy Stage Hypnotist with his own TV show, imaginatively titled  “The Hypnotic World of Paul McKenna”… but not many people will remember that before then he made a name for himself as a Radio DJ. Starting at the age of just 16 he presented shows on Radio Jackie, Radio Caroline, Chiltern Radio, Capital Radio, BBC Radio 1 and even TV channel Music Box.

And he is certainly not alone – many successful Stage Hypnotists “cut their teeth” as DJ’s, including Alan Bates and Chris Lee. In fact if you look at the careers of almost any hypnotist, the chances are that they have previously earned a wage from spinning discs.

The truth is – Good DJ’s make Great Hypnotists… and the reason behind this is, in my mind, quite obvious…

Dj-HypnotistWhen you compare the role of a DJ to a Hypnotist it becomes apparent that they are actually in remarkably similar jobs. Both are entertainers. Both require a certain level of personality to be good at what they do. And both are there to persuade you to do something that you might not do in public – in the case of a Night Club or Function /  Party DJ they need to get you up and dancing (and in the case of cheesey party DJ’s dancing in a particular way to a particular track – think “Oops Upside your Head” & “The Cha-Cha Slide” for instance)… whereas a Hypnotist in a Pub or Theatre has to get you up dancing to music, doing silly things, act like a chicken laying square eggs or believing you are the World’s Greatest Stripper!

In fact it could be argued that good DJ’s have hypnotised their audience just as much as a Hypnotist mesmerises his or her volunteers – they just haven’t used a formal hypnotic induction.

But it goes far deeper than this – to be a great Hypnotist, it is essential to have at least a passing knowledge of setting up sound equipment, lighting, use of a performance space, and using music and a microphone correctly. These are all skills that a good DJ has, and will certainly help in their journey to becoming a Great Stage Hypnotist.

Why would a DJ want to Learn Stage Hypnosis?

There are plenty of reason why a DJ would consider becoming a Stage Hypnotist – Perhaps they are finding that the market has become saturated with the sudden influx of Bedroom DJ’s – or that they fancy having another string to their flourishing career, or perhaps the idea of being able to run a more interactive experience with their audience… But usually it’s as much about the money as it is about anything else!

A Stage Hypnotist working for a 90 minute show in a local pub can earn more than three times that of a pub DJ working far more hours!

Now this isn’t in any suggesting that a DJ can suddenly start working as a Comedy Stage Hypnotist! Whilst the experience they have gained is a fantastic place to start their new career, there is still a lot to learn – how to induce a trance, structuring routines, health and safety, marketing, the laws surrounding hypnosis and much more. But much of this can be studied over the course of a weekend, and the rest can be learned at home.

On Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th September, World Famous Hypnotic Trainer Dr Jonathan Royle will be presenting a two day live training seminar in Manchester UK, teaching the closely guarded secrets of Stage Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. The course is designed for beginners and experts alike, and will cover almost everything you need to know to start working as a Comedy Stage Hypnotist. Yes – I said almost! Included with the price of the course is access to the Elite Hypnosis Training Area – an online school with over 400 hours of training videos, eBooks, products to sell after your shows and much more!

And whilst you may only be interested in Comedy Stage Hypnosis to begin with, you may find that the possibility of earning £250+ per hour as a Hypnotherapist during the daytime (when you are less likely to have a show), using the same skills to help people stop smoking, lose weight and conquer phobias, is quite appealing – and for that reason, we are including access to 9 Hypnotherapy Website Designs worth £600.

The course comes with a 365 day money back guarantee (see website for details) and much much more. – See Our Home Page for more Information!



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Hypnotherapist confused by her Business Websites, Social Media, and online presenceHaving a website built will be one of the most expensive investments for a Hypnotherapist. Unless of course, you have the skills, knowledge, software and time to build your own, or have a family member or friend who will build one for you for free! The initial cost can be between £600 and thousands, but you know that without a website you will struggle to get clients through the door. Just like any business, an online presence is virtually essential.

As your business grows you may want to think about changing your website to reflect the changes in your hypnotherapy practice. Updated photographs, different opening times, new treatments, etc. And it may not surprise you that your Web Designer will want to be paid for all this work. After all s/he has bills to pay as well! But then you decide that your real passion is within a particular niche of hypnotherapy; perhaps in Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Phobias, Anxiety or the Corporate Market. This could mean having a completely new website built to target your new client base. And that of course means extra expense.

Your business puts food on the table, pays your bills, clothes your children. If there is any money left at the end of the year, it might pay for a well-deserved holiday for you and your family. The more you spend on your business means that in the short-term, there is less to spend on yourself. Even in the long-term, there is never a guarantee that your new website will entice potential clients to spend money with you. Some might be put off by the content, your tone of writing, the images you have carefully chosen to represent your business, or even just by the colour of the background to your new site!

Big corporate firms spend a lot of time and money on researching and developing their online presence to ensure their branding works. Consumer Panels, Split Testing, thousands of man-hours and the expert opinion of psychologists, and much more go into getting everything exactly right before the final design is decided upon. I suspect, as a hypnotherapist, you don’t have many of these resources available to you!

But what if you already had 9 hypnotherapy websites designed for you, complete with a full set of training videos, just waiting for you to add your own content and personality?

When you book on Jonathan Royle’s next Training Event, through this site, you will receive 9 different website designs to use for your hypnotherapy business.


Imagine the possibilities!

Right now, you may be asking yourself “Why would I want need nine different websites?” And it is a very good question! Most hypnotherapists only have one website… But then again you are not going to be like most hypnotherapists. You are going to be a successful, highly motivated hypnotherapist who wants to see as many clients as possible, dominating the market in your area. To do that, you have to do something different to your competitors.

Warning – This isn’t for the feint hearted! You will have to invest some time, and a small amount of money (about £400, but not all at once) into the next 12 months, and only you can do this. I haven’t got the time to hold people’s hands through this process at every stage! You are going to have to be ruthless too. You will probably put one or two of your competitors out of the business, and could possibly even monopolise the hypnotherapy business in your town. The following is only a guide, and the rate of success of any or all of your sites is dependant on you. I will not be held responsible for any losses!

Here’s the action plan…

  1. Keep any website that you have up and running – especially if you are getting some enquiries from it, and you are not paying continuing design / admin fees. (Note, these are different to Hosting & Domain Fees)
  2. If needed, purchase website hosting from a reliable company. I recommend D9 Solutions who provide me with all my hosting needs on a fantastic Unlimited Plan for approx £100PA

screenshots-shypno-pack-1-2Month 1 – Site 1

  1. Carefully choose a new Domain Name and purchase the best TLDs possible (for UK websites, I always suggest buying both the and .com variations of the domains). Avoid domain names that feature Your Name. This is extremely self-centred, and subconsciously tells visitors to your site that you are more interested in you than them. For your first domain name consider a domain that combines the word “Hypnotherapy” with “Your Town” (if it is still available). Check out NameChk to see if your chosen domain name, and matching Social Media Names are available.
  2. Install WordPress on your server at your new domain, following the easy to understand instructional videos supplied, and redirect the .com domain to the site
  3. Upload your first WordPress Theme, change your permalinks settings to /postname (again this is all covered within the training videos) and start creating some fantastic and engaging content. Don’t just copy the text and images from your existing site – Google doesn’t like websites with similar content, and your Search Engine Optimisation may suffer. Consider including some video content (hosted on Youtube and embedded on the site), and a blog.
  4. Get a landline number from Virtually Local with an area code that matches your town or city. These telephone numbers are “Free” – you just need to purchase £15 of credit to forward to your own landline or mobile. The rates for calls forwarded to a mobile are 8p per minute, and 1.5p per minute to a landline – giving you over 3 hours or over 16 hours of incoming enquiry calls for your initial investment Add this number to your new site.
  5. Set up a Facebook Page, Twitter Account etc with the same name as your domain / website. Add links from your website to your social media accounts.
  6. Let Google know that your new hypnotherapy site is live, via Google Webmaster Tools and follow the instructions to verify ownership of the site.

Month 2 Site 2

Repeat the steps 1 – 6 above in Month 1, but obviously with a different domain, website design, content, telephone number, social media accounts etc. To keep the site content looking different, force yourself to “Switch Persons” from Site 1. i.e. if you referred to yourself as “I” within the site (“I can help you overcome your phobia”), then you should refer to yourself in the 3rd person (Your Name / He / She) in this site – e.g. “Sandra is an experienced hypnotherapist… She can work with you to beat your irrational fears…” etc.

Include a pricing structure to your site. If you already have prices on your first site, change them. Many potential clients will opt for the more expensive therapist when given a choice, because high costs equal better results.

Because you have already purchased your unlimited hosting from D9 Solutions, and have all the WordPress Themes on your Elite Hypnosis Website DVD-Rom the only cost to you in month 2 should be the cost of 2 domains (approx £20) and another £15 of credit for your new telephone number – a total of £35 for a completely new website that will double your visibility on the net! Far less than paying £600+ for a website to be built for you.

Month 3 – Site 3 (Niche Site)

It’s time to set up a niche site! Niche Hypnotherapy sites can make you the “Perceived Expert” in a Particular Field. Choose a niche website (Stop Smoking, Weight Loss etc) and repeat steps 1-6 above again, this time choosing a relevant name for your niche site. Do not include any reference to “other services” – remember, you are The Expert in This Particular Field, and This Is What You Specialise In! Refer to the business as a “clinic” or “Stop Smoking centre” etc, and use the term “we” and “our experts” etc. without mentioning your actual name at all. This gives the appearance of being a large, specialist outfit. Again, the cost should be less than £35!


Month 4 – Site 4

Create another general hypnotherapy site. Perhaps get a member of your family or a friend to help with fresh content, and consider targeting customers in the next nearest town or city. You may need to locate a therapy room on an “as needed” basis. Many centres will hire a room by the hour, and you may need to travel a little further once a week / fortnight but these costs can always be passed on to the customer! Don’t forget to get the right area code telephone number!

Month 5 – Review your Sites

By now, your diary should be filling up. Keep a note of which site(s) are getting the most enquiries, and which aren’t working for you. Spend some time on these sites and improve them. D9 Solutions includes a great tool within your hosting Control Panel called AWStats, which allows you to see how many hits each website is getting, and comparing this information to your phone log should give you an insight into whether or not the site is a) getting enough visitors and b) if those visitors are calling you. If you are getting hundreds of visitors but no calls, then there is a problem with the site content, SEO etc. If you are getting no visitors to a particular site, you need to consider working on your SEO in particular.

There are many reasons a site can fail, but hopefully tools like AWStats, Yoast SEO and JetPack can help. Because you haven’t bought a domain name, or telephone credit for a new number this month your total outlay will be £0. (Obviously you may have had to renew credit for an existing telephone number by now, but after 3 – 16 hours of phone call enquiries, I would hope that this has paid for itself!)

Month 6 – Site 5

Following steps 1-6 above, create another general hypnotherapy site. Drop out one or two services, so that the services you offer, whilst they do not immediately appear to be completely niche, are related. Perhaps look at dropping Phobias and concentrating on Smoking Cessation, Addictions (including Vaping and other tobacco replacement products) and Weight Loss. This month’s outlay – £35


Month 7 – Site 6 (2nd Niche Site)

Create your second niche site – in a different niche (Weight Loss, Smoking, Phobias, Anxiety) and raise your prices again! Make sure they are well above everyone else’s rates in the area (if you still have any competitors). List them prominently on your home page so that they are seen almost immediately. Ensure that the text and images portray confidence and making you the authority on this subject. See how the phone enquiries compare to other sites over a 3 month period before considering adjusting your prices. Month 7 Outlay – £35

Month 8 – Site 7

By now you will know which sites work for you and your audience, and you will be becoming more confident and possibly more experimental with your sites. Site 7 should be quite minimal. Don’t build 5-6 pages, but instead have only 2! The home page should be short and sweet, and take up no more than the depth of your computer screen – Who you are, What You Do, and a “Call to Action”. That is it! Page 2 should be testimonials from past clients.

Month 9 – Site 8 (3rd Niche Site)

Build a third Niche Site, either for another nearby town, or in a different niche (Corporate, Stress, IBS etc), and using all your experience from building the other sites, and the results, build the best site you can. Choose the right photos and text to make this perfect. A professional photographer may be helpful.

Month 10 – Site 9 (Group Therapy)

I’ve left this site till last, because it takes confidence to speak in front of a large group of people. If you feel you have this confidence and the ability to pull it off earlier, build the site earlier. Book in several venues in the region (pub function rooms, community centres, even small theatres) and list the dates on the website, with at least several weeks in advance. Have a booking form, or get a site such as EventBrite to handle the sales of tickets. Include some great testimonials from past clients, video footage, etc. I’d strongly suggest that you do not include a phone number on this site, as you will be far to busy answering calls prior to each event. Jonathan Royle discusses how to run group therapy events correctly in his next training seminar, or you can find more details within his Students’ Online Resource Area.

Months 11 & 12 – Review your Sites

Once you have all nine sites online with different content, you can take time to review the performance of each site. Some sites will perform better than others, however every site should be bringing you some enquiries. In the first twelve months there is an outlay of approx £35 PCM (for 9 of the months). The months that do not require investment will pay for your hosting for the following year.


If you have followed the plan above, and reviewed the effectiveness of your sites regularly, by the end of the year you should be seeing far more clients, and able to charge much higher fees.
The purpose of this plan is to flood the internet with as many different sites as possible for the least amount of work and cost. Even if one site isn’t performing as well as others, it isn’t a reason to panic. As long as it is bringing in some clients! I have one website which never ranks higher than page 2 of Google, but it still has enough enquiries (that my other sites don’t get) every year to warrant keeping it up. Remember – the trick is to make each site different – Different content, different tone of voice, different images etc.




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Don’t Forget – Jonathan Royle shares his closely guarded Hypnotic Secrets every week in a live broadcast for FREE at – Sponsored by Hypnotic Consultants See below for broadcast times. If you enjoyed this educational video, sign-up to next week’s information packed free training… and whether you are new to Hypnosis, or a Hypnotic veteran, consider booking on Jonathan’s next Live 2 Day Training Seminar, held in Greater Manchester this September – and claim your Free Gifts! Details can be found here


Free Hypnosis Training Broadcast Times

Every Sunday

UK – 9pm (BST)

Europe -10pm (CET)

USA & Canada – 4pm (EDT) / 1pm (PDT)

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Book Your Seat at September’s Live 2 Day Training Seminar

Hypnosis Week – Week One

Hypnosis does not exist – Controversial Hypnotherapy Trainer Dr Jonathan Royle’s views on Hypnosis.

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Jonathan Royle is a Hypnotherapist & Comedy Stage Hypnotist from Manchester UK, with hundreds of Hypnosis Training products to his name, including many books, videos and magic & mentalism effects.

He has lectured & performed around the world, appeared on various TV shows and has treated clients for a wide range of conditions, including Phobias, Weight Loss, Addictions & much more.

If you are coming to the September Hypnosis Training event in Rochdale, we thought you might want some suggestions on where to stay, eat etc.


Having somewhere to stay is probably at the top of your list of priorities! There are several great Hotels and B&Bs in the area… (We have even included travel distances and times between your hotel and the Seminar Venue!)

Flying Horse Hotel Accomodation Rochdale Hypnosis Training Seminar

The Flying Horse Hotel Packer Street, Rochdale, OL16 1NJ  Tel 01706 646412

Highly Recommended! Overlooking Rochdale’s famous Town Hall, the Flying Horse offers affordable Bed and Breakfast Accommodation with en-suite facilities, TVs etc. This is a favourite for our delegates, and probably where we will meet-up on the Saturday evening after the seminar for a couple of beers and a chat about what you’ve learned so far! The “Flyer” as it is affectionately known, serves excellent food, and has a fantastic range of beers including up to 8 Cask Ales, Ciders and 18 different Rums. There is usually a live band on a Saturday night too. Free Overnight & Weekend Car Parking (See website for details). Early booking is advised as it can be very popular. Travel By Car – 2.5 Miles (9 mins)

The Best Western Broadfield Park Hotel Sparrow Hill, Rochdale, OL16 1AF

Located just outside the town centre, this is an option for those who are looking for a Hotel Stay instead of B&B accommodation. Travel By Car – 2.4 Miles (8 mins)

Premier Inn Newhey Road, Milnrow, Rochdale, OL16 4JF

Located about 10 minutes’ drive from the Training Venue, and just 100m from Junction 21 of the M62. Disabled Access. Travel By Car – 3.8 Miles (10 mins)

The Royal Toby Hotel Manchester Road, Castleton, Rochdale OL11 3HF

Rated #2 of 6 local hotels on TripAdvisor. Travel by Car – 1.1 Miles (4 mins)

Mercure Manchester Norton Grange Hotel and Spa Manchester Road, Rochdale OL11 2XZ

Four-Star Hotel, just around the corner from the seminar. Travel By Car – 1 Mile (2 mins)

The Villas Residence 2 Oakenrod Villas, Bury Road, Rochdale OL11 4EE

Possibly slightly more expensive than the other accommodation listed here, but if you are travelling to Rochdale with family, and are looking for a luxury stay, the Villas has to be considered. Excellent reviews on Tripadvisor. Travel By Car – 2.5 Miles (7 mins)


View All Rochdale B&Bs on TripAdvisor




Ruchi Indian Restaurant, 69 – 71 Whitworth Road, Rochdale, OL12 0RD 01706 521101

In my opinion, the best Indian Restaurant in the area. This excellent restaurant is probably where we will be eating on the Saturday night (after a couple of drinks at The Flyer). Click on the link above to see the menu. If you’d like to join us, please let Stuart know during the Saturday Morning or Lunchtime breaks.

The Sandbook Carvery Sandbook Park, Rochdale OL11 1RY

Serving Freshly Made to Order Pizzas, Fish & Chips, Bar Snacks & Full Roast Carvery. Our usual Saturday & Sunday Lunchtime Break venue

The Flying Horse Hotel Packer Street, Rochdale, OL16 1NJ  Tel 01706 646412

Not just a Hotel, Pub and Excellent Live Music Venue… The Flyer also serves Great Food! From Breakfasts, and Bar Snacks to Amazing Burgers, Freshly Made Pulled Pork, Fish, Pasta & Vegetarian Dishes. If you are staying here on Friday or Sunday nights, be sure to try the food! (If you are staying elsewhere, check out The Flyer’s food delivery service on JustEat – Quirky Kitchen)

Madison’s Restaurant St Mary’s Gate, Rochdale, OL16 1DZ 01706 346 990

Bistro in the Centre of Town

Blue Diamond Chinese Restaurant 222 Oldham Road, OL11 2ER Tel – 01706 654232
La Mancha Tapas Bar, The Butts, Rochdale OL16 1ES Tel – 01706 713400

(Booking Essential at Weekends)

La Scala, 370 Oldham Road, OL11 2AL Tel – 01706 638635

Highly Recommended Italian Restaurant


Fast Food Options

Papa John’s Pizza

Kebab House 83 Milkstone Road, OL11 1NT, Tel 01706 646205

Istanblue 35 Milkstone Road OL11 1EB, Tel 01706344399

Pizza Hut, Frankie & Benny’s, McDonalds (All on Sandbrook Park)



Useful Telephone Numbers

Taxi Companies

Taxi rides in Rochdale are extremely affordable, with fees starting at £1.80 per mile. Please pre-book your taxi in plenty of time.

Recommended from The Town Centre / Train Station:

United Millennium Cars – 01706 646465

Recommended from the Hypnosis Training Course:

Strand Taxis – 01706 644227

You will be given Contact Telephone Numbers for both Alex & Stuart when you have booked your ticket(s)


Have we missed something? Do you have special requirements? Are you looking for something in particular? If you are coming to the Live Hypnosis & NLP Training Seminar on September 10th & 11th, and need local information, please get in touch, and our team will be happy to assist!

NOTE: The correct address for the seminar is: Blue Pit Mill, Queensway Rochdale, OL11 2YW (Some independent websites may have an incorrect postcode)