Your Invite to a Live 2 Day Hypnosis & NLP Training Event in Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th April 2018

(And If you are unable to travel to Derbyshire, don’t worry – You can join in with the event streamed live to the comfort of your own home or office)


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My name is Stuart “Harrizon” Cassels, and I am a trained Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist & Life Coach. Over the past ten years I have earned a lot of money from Comedy Stage Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and creating Hypnosis Products. I’ve also changed a lot of people’s lives as well, helping them to overcome phobias, lose weight, stop smoking and hopefully entertaining them (although, not always at the same time!)

One of the questions I’m often asked is:

“Does Hypnosis rely on special ‘powers’ or can anyone become a Hypnotist?”

The truthful answer, that many hypnotists don’t want you to know, is that anyone can learn hypnosis! You don’t need funny looking eyes, supernatural abilities, or even a goatee beard!

So, how do you learn hypnosis?

Many years ago it was only possible to learn hypnosis by reading specialist books, which were not available in most book shops, or if you were very lucky, a skilled hypnotist would, for a very large fee, take you “under his wing” and share his closely guarded secrets.

Today it is far easier (and less costly!)

Many years ago I met Dr Jonathan Royle, one of the world’s most famous hypnotic trainers, and he taught me his craft. Now you can do the same!

Jonathan has probably trained more hypnotists and hypnotherapists in the world, than any other living person. But unlike many teachers of trance, he actually practices what he preaches! He has a long list of TV credits to his name, appearing on many UK TV shows, as well as Television further afield, and has advised some of the most famous Therapists and TV Hypnotists over a number of years. Many of these celebrity hypnotists would rather we didn’t reveal their names for obvious reasons, but you can probably guess who they are!

I won’t lie to you – his teaching style is truthful, to the point, and often  little outspoken, but if you want to be successful, and the best hypnotist in your area, you need to hear it from the best teacher! It’s exactly how I learned, and I’m glad he told me the truth, and got to the point!

Many “Hypnosis Schools”, courses & programmes will take far too long to teach you what you need to go out there and start earning money. Some will lead you on a merry dance down the garden path, just so that you feel you are getting your money’s worth. But the reality is, you could be paying far too much money and spending far too much time in the classroom, when you could be treating clients, or booking in Comedy Shows in Pubs, Clubs & Theatres.

Jonathan is hosting his next Live 2 Day Hypnosis Training Event in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, on Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th April 2018.

Watch this quick video, where Jonathan explains about the event…

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What is taught on the course?

During this two day course, you will learn the secrets of Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy & NLP, including:

  • Hypnotic Inductions
  • Hypnosis for Therapy
  • Nuero-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Hypnosis for Entertainment (including Comedy Stage Hypnosis and in Magical / Mentalism routines)
  • Marketing for Hypnotists – how to Charge More, Work Less, and get more clients
  • Health & Safety for Hypnotists
  • & Much More!



Immediate & Free Access to The Online Training Area

Jonathan provides all his students with access to a private online training area filled with ebooks, videos and much more. Many of these items focus on niche subjects, including hypnosis for sports, treating celebrity clients, and of course everything you need to know to become a successful Hypnotherapist & Comedy Stage Hypnotist.

This has to be the most comprehensive resources for hypnotists, and contains a wealth of information, not only for hypnosis, but also Magic, Mentalism, Alternative Therapies, and ways to make extra money online.

You will gain access to everything mentioned in this video – and a lot more!

Here is just a small selection of some of the content –

  • Sports Psychology
  • Esoteric Hypnosis, Advanced NLP & Energy Healing Secrets
  • The Ultimate Change Seminar – Royles 3 Day London Course
  • Real Results Hypnosis – Royles Bristol Hypnotherapy & NLP Course
  • M.E.L.T = Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques
  • Fast Phobia Cure – (NLP and Neuro Associative Conditioning)
  • Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) Practitioner Training
  • The Holy Grail of Stage Hypnosis & Street Hypnotism
  • Passive Hypnosis Profits – (The Lazy Hypnotists Guide to Riches)
  • Las Vegas HTG LIve 2013 – Zero To Hero Hypnosis Training
  • Marketing Summit UK 2014 – Royle Reveals The Real Buying Triggers for Success
  • Corporate Stress Management Training with Dr. Wilf Archer
  • Reiki Energy Healing Course – Level’s One, Two & Three
  • Past Life Regression Hypnosis
  • Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis – The Complete Mind Therapy Approach
  • Robert Temple’s Rapid See-Saw Hypnosis Induction
  • The Transparency Template – (Safe, Legal, Lawful, Licensed & Insured Stage & Street Hypnosis)
  • Psychic World Radio – Fast Phobia Cure Secrets & Tarot Reading Made Easy
  • Egg, Sausage & Peas – (The Mentalists Cook Book) – Recipes for Killer Mentalism
  • Manchester Mind Miracles Seminar – The 14th Step to Mentalism & Hypnosis
  • MIND CHANGES – The True Psychology of Mental Health & Psychological Talking Therapies
  • NLP – Advanced Master Practitioner Course in Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Complementary And Alternative Therapies Business in A Box Package
  • Addictions & Bad Habits, Stress, Anxiety & Depression Masterclasses
  • Software, Training Courses & Tools To Help Grow Your Business
  • The Millionaire Plan – (How To Create Multiple Streams of Passive Income)
  • Aromatherapy & Massage Training Videos
  • Meditation Training
  • Pilates Training
  • Reflexology Training

To buy all of these products separately would cost Thousands of Pounds!

Once your payment has been processed by our team, you will be sent your unique username and password to access all of the above, so thank you can (if you wish) start studying the contents before attending the live event. This usually takes between 24 & 48 hours.

Don’t take my word for it!

Check out the video testimonials from some of Dr Jonathan Royle’s past students…



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Many of the students on Dr Jonathan Royle’s Hypnosis Seminars are full-time professional hypnotherapists who have studied with other training schools, but want to learn the simple, direct and effective hypnosis techniques that he teaches, and gain access to his online resources.

Learn various other alternative therapies, his marketing techniques for getting more clients and earning more money, along with creating hypnosis products to sell online.

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All you need is web hosting, and a domain for each of your sites. Elite Hypnosis Websites will even install your first website for you, and provide 60 WordPress Training Videos!

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Once you have bought your ticket for this amazing 2 day live training event, email me at to confirm your details, including the exact spelling of your name you want on your certificates. We will forward this info onto Jonathan, and he will be in touch with all the details about the course, and local information including travel and accommodation options. You will receive your website pack on arrival on the first day of the event.

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